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nyhavn. the city. my people. kø en havn.


Maritime Youth House by Christian Wiedel on Flickr.

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architecture. the city. kø en havn.


Lyra and fluesmaek

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bikes. my people. the city. kø en havn.


cph modern architecture by marin.tomic on Flickr.

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A by sashario
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bikes. the city. kø en havn.


 Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin
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bikes. my people. kø en havn.

Right guys, I’m gonna hit the hay. I’ll reply to the people I owe tomorrow when I get back from Pride. See ya’

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; not quite as danish.


"You’re always welcome in Vienna!" She exclaimed. "I’ll take you around to all the fun places…You know, for as long as I’ve been around, the amount of times I’ve visited this city is a number i can just barely count with two hands— and I don’t mean because the number is large," Audelina admitted. "You’ll have to help me out with all the hot-spots, I think."

Kasper chuckled, “It’s not the biggest of cities so I can see why it’s not exactly on the top of everyone’s list to visit, but it’s a nice place… I’d be more than happy to show you the sights, though I doubt it would take more than a day or two really.”

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imquiteusedtobeingalone: ◊ (mostly because of the m!a that happened)



◊: Your muse comes to mine, crying, how does my muse react?

At first, Kasper doesn’t know what to do. He sees England standing outside the door to his apartment, tears streaming from his eyes, and he’s confused. He barely knows Arthur, they’e only talked about twice, yet still, there before him, stands the personification of England, crying.

"Øh…" Kasper starts, finally kicked out of the daze of shock by a sniffle from the Brit. He gathers his wit, still blinking dumbly at the other, stepping a side and muttering a quiet "Come in?" which sounds more like a question than a statement. Somewhere, his brain wonders if he’s got any tea in his cupboards. That’s what the English do right? Whenever there’s an issue they make tea for one another? He vaguely remembers buying some fruit tea the other month, so he hopes that will be enough if he ever gets that far.

It becomes apparent, as he walks in, that he’s a little drunk. He’s not quite stumbling yet, but there’s an air to his movements that are a little off. The man’s definitely tipsy enough to have his dark thoughts flooding in, fighting with his reality. Even as he’s failing trying to calm himself down, the shaking in his shoulders reminds him of past horrors — the Revolution, the Incident on King Street (AKA the Boston Massacre), Sealand leaving — and current nightmares.
Everything is gray.
And it is. His magic, all of it, has been taken with his magical friends — and now everything’s gray. His eyes reflect the sullen, dull color like shattered mirrors. This can’t be happening. He’s shaking, still in shock. He doesn’t have any close friends to turn to — not in this country — and he just hopes he’s not being to much of a burden. This is a nightmare. Right?

Kasper noticed by the way that Arthur swayed whilst walking that he was more than a little tipsy. His frown deepened further, and he put one hand on the Brit’s arm to guide him to the sofa, sitting him down and telling him to stay put whilst he quickly went to make tea.

He really didn’t know just how else he should handle the situation, the only thing that was going through Kasper’s mind right now was make him tea, it’ll help and nothing help.

He set the steaming hot mug of lemon tea down on teh coffee table in front of the other before perching on the other side of the couch, turning to Arthur with a concerned look.. “So, what happened?”

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"Oh." She blinked and nodded, realizing almost immediately that that could be a rude response. After a moment, she smiled apologetically and laughed. "Well, that’s certainly a relief, isn’t it?"

"I guess it is. No unneeded punches need be thrown at my flirtatious comments this way." he said.

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